LOCATION: Historic West End, Downtown Dallas

EVENT: The Glitch Mob- a seasoned EDM trio unveiling their new album 

The Glitch Mob

The men, the myths, the legends: THE GLITCH MOB.

If you’re not at House of Blues on Saturday night, you’re missing out on an incredible musical experience. It’s been four long years since their last album debuted but The Glitch Mob doesn’t feel that way.  They think they’ve given See Without Eyes, their latest album, just enough time to let it be free. “For us, music is more about the process than the final piece of work” they previously told Dancing Astronaut in an interview.

The LA-based trio comprised of edIT, Ooah, and Boreta had it’s initial first few ‘shows’ at Burning Man on the playa of Black Rock City back in 2006. Born out of a love for dance music and multi-layered tracks of complexity it’s a tough, yet distinct, sound to pin down stylistically. Full of crunching bass paired unusually with atypical synths and other auxiliaries, The Glitch Mob’s sound experimentation and evolution fuel the album, while enlisting some up-and-coming talents like Elohim, Illenium and REZZ on several tracks.

The Glitch Mob uses a more, unusual stage set-up. The production platform from 2014, nicknamed ‘The Blade,’ has gotten a facelift as ‘The Blade 2.0’ for their 2018 tour. It’s an steampunk-esque construction that gives the audience a peek at what is really going on up there on stage behind the decks. The Glitch Mob strives to have a very inclusive show with “as much humanity as possible” injected into the entire musical process.  Additionally, The Glitch Mob is completely pioneering a VR experience that works in tandem with the album. Listeners are able to watch a 20-min unique mix set to visuals in VR that further explain the story the album is telling and allows people to get inside and behind the art as they experience it auditorily. The VR designer David Wexler, also known as Strangeloop, has previously worked with Pharrell, Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and more. This interactive VR album and full-body immersive journey launches on Thursday, June 21st at 7pm.  One thing is for sure, The Glitch Mob is right at the cutting edge of what is new, in the wide-world of EDM.

The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob onstage at ACL in 2014 atop ‘The Blade’

As for me, I’ll be watching from the balcony. Make sure to catch The Glitch Mob at House of Blues, Saturday, June 16th, doors are at 8pm.

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